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Start & Work

The office Architecten aan Zee was established at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. Owner architect and building engineer Reinier van Overveld became directly a member of the Dutch Architects Association (the BNA) and he is registered in the official register for architects (the SBA). Since opening, we have worked for many people of companies on a wide range of projects encompassing many different interests. These projects have included: urban design, the development of new living characteristics, the design of houses, schools, interiors and all types of renovation & restoration work, and nowadays more important also to change the buildings for another function. The clients are as well private -particulier opdrachtgeverschap- as professional principals.

Mission & Vision

The starting point for many designs is a clear composition of volumes in a logical, functional and well-organized ground-plan Use of open spaces and light are important It is also important to carefully examine all possible options from the outset of a project, and then to be creative and efficient in managing the project through to its conclusion. Actual knowledge of building is indispensable.
We strive to deliver maximum quality for the available budget. With our in-depth knowledge of law and materials, we are able to develop a unique design concept, which is simple in metaphor, detail and organization. Sustainable urban design, building and management (duurzame stedenbouw, duurzaam bouwen en duurzaam ontwikkelen) is no fashion, we try every time again to make the best choices for every new situation.


Invest & education

We also educate young people to become the best of their field. It's important to invest in education to keep sharp in new developments.

We follow different courses ourselves every year to keep knowledge up to date.



Reinier van Overveld coaches also professionals and gives advises or support to make a new step or achieve new goals. Mostly it's a combination of personal talks, analyses and e-mail support.



Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, it's all available.



We are also organizing business trips and architecture-excursions, for companies or individual persons.



Last field of expertise is DTP, presentation books, flyers, business-cards and photo-development.


Reinier van Overveld 

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